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This is amazing!


This is amazing!

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For the Snugglebeast. Message and a poem!

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NaPo Day 18: Freeing the Beast

The Snugglebeast, he prowls around
His cagey cave. I catch the sound:
Of murr or murmur? I can’t tell.
As I approach, a musky smell
All redolent of horse or bear,
Or wolf, perhaps, proclaims he’s there.
Ah, now I catch a growling mutter
As his tatttered wings flapflutter,
And I can see his lips are fixed
Into a smile and grimace, mixed.

He sits by the computer screen
With eyes ascowl. He’s not serene.
And I perceive an angry wave
As Beasty struggles to behave.
He doesn’t shout, he doesn’t smash
The table, but if he had cash,
He and his Meister soon would leave.
Oh, what can I do to relieve
My Dreamboat’s tension and his rage?
Can I destroy the harmful cage?

A ShoulderPassenger I’ll be
And use my paws to set him free,
My agile claws might squeeze away
His inner troubles day by day,
And so with loving care I knead
His muscled shoulders till he’s freed.
I’ll sooth dear Adam’s mind with talk
Designed to distract, not to shock,
As we discourse, his furrowed creases
Soon smooth out as stress decreases,
Drop by drop. His anger grim
Relaxes as I comfort him.

He is a charming, gentle soul
And in my heart he fills a hole.
I try some peace of mind to lend
To Beast, my queerplatonic friend,
For sure, he’s done as much for me
So many times, with gen’rous glee,
…With patience, grace condition free.

Within the Beasty’s arms I’m safe
And his protection makes me brave.
I hope I’ll ne’er lose his respect
And love; I’ll take all I collect.
With him I want to smell the flowers
And just relax and hug for hours
We fit together, me and him;
He’s like my missing phantom limb.

We lounge together, back to back,
From dawn until the sky grows black.
For me, the EllieOcelot,
He’s close a friend as I have got.
How do I love my Snugglebeast?
Is Something There? —There’s love, at least.

Written April 16, 2014

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The ol rrrrrrrazzle dazzle

The longer I watch, the funnier it gets



The ol rrrrrrrazzle dazzle

The longer I watch, the funnier it gets

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Personally I’m gay and sad

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have you ever stayed up late with someone texting or chatting and known as the hours ticked by that you’d be ridiculously tired in the morning but it didnt matter because it was really fun and totally worth losing sleep over just to laugh with someone and enjoy their company maybe and then the next day you keep tiredly recalling how much fun it was while you’re falling asleep in class and that makes it not so bad that you’re tired anymore

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It’s like when someone says, ‘How are you?’ Do you say, ‘Well, my head hurts and I’m lonely and depressed and I’m worried about everything and the world is collapsing and full of evil’? Or do you say, ‘I’m fine’?

Sara Shepard, The Visibles (via poppunkpopcorn)

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